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I was inspired to start coding and dabbling in web development after attending a part-time web design course in my local area, where I learned basic HTML, CSS, building websites with Dreamweaver, Graphic design with Photoshop and animation with Flash. I have spent much time since then learning as much as I can about web development and programming. I create websites and web applications and other cool web stuff ,share what I have learnt with others and also learn from others in the web development community at events, meetups and webinars.

My current languages of choice are HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. I am also interested in learning Python and Ruby. I have created websites and web applications with tools like WordPress, React, VueJS, Gatsby and Foundation Sites. I enjoy the challenges creating a website or web application bring. Keeping up with rapid changes in web development and finding solutions to problems, I am Enthusiastic about programming and web development and am aspiring to combine acquired skills and knowledge with any future learning to become a proficient software developer.

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