About Me

I have passion for web development dating back to 2012 and like tinkering with HTML, CSS and Javascipt, Ajax to create front end user interfaces , responsive websites and website templates. I also enjoy developing programs on the back end using PHP, MySQL, Ruby and WordPress theme development and maintenance.

My interest for web design and development began after attending a part time web design course in East London between November 2011 and Oct 2012 where I gained some experience of the web design and development process by completing projects for tasks in exams and collaborating with other students. I learnt a bit about the web industry from my tutors, some of which really appealed to me.

Since then , whenever I have the spare time, I spend most of it practicing coding, building web applications, trying out new coding techniques , attempting to solve coding problems and helping others on-line whenever I can.

Web Skills Graph

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Jquery
  • MySQL

The whole web development process has changed rapidly over the past five years with websites now becoming more like applications and the rise of Javascript.

I continue to keep up to date as much as I can while working full-time. I like to hear the latest news in web development. I listen to podcasts, watch videos on-line , off-line and read web devleopment related books and blogs. I have also done quite a few on-line coding courses. I particularly like websites like FreeCode Camp and CodeAcademy among others.

I also attend local meetup and events and short courses like Digital Futures 2017 and do a bit of volunteering whenever I can, like when I volunteered at WordCamp 2018 in London .

I have also helped friends and others with coding problems and issues they have had with websites and web applications mostly off-line.

My goal is to become web developer full-time producing useful and practical web applications . I want to be able to contribute to improving user experience on the web, particularly for those have difficulty accessing websites and web applications on the internet due to weak connection or other accessibility issues.

I am curently seeking further development opportunities within the Web Industry.

Web Development Courses

Adobe Certified Associates

Visual Communication: Photoshop CS4

Topics :

  • Setting project requirements
  • Identifying Design Elements
  • Understanding Photoshop Interface
  • Manipulating Images
  • Evaluating Digital Images


City & Guilds ITQ Level 1,2,3 Web Design

Topics :

  • Improving productivity using IT
  • IT Communication Fundementals
  • Adding Content
  • IT User fundementals
  • Organizing Content



Topics :

  • Ruby Programming From Scratch
  • Learn Object Oriented PHP
  • ES6 Javascript Reloaded
  • Learn Complete Wordpress Security
  • Up and Running with NodeJs


Frontend Developer Certificate

Topics :

  • Responsive Web Design Certification
  • Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures
  • Basic HTML and HTML5
  • Basic JavaScript
  • Responsive Web Design Projects



Topics :

  • Become a Front-End Web Developer
  • Become a Junior Developer
  • Programming Fundementals
  • CSS Fundementals
  • Javascript Essentials

Shaw Academy

Mobile App Development

Topics :

  • Introduction to Mobile App Development
  • Designing our App
  • User Interfaces with HTML
  • Coding Functions
  • Web Hosting/Deploying Apps

Code Academy


Topics :

  • Ruby Beginners
  • HTML
  • Javascript Beginners



Topics :

  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Networking for Webdevelopers(HTTP)
  • Data Structures & Algorithms in Python
  • Website Performance Optimisation
  • Version Control with Git

Digital Futures 2017

Interactive Programming

Topics :

  • Debate Skills with DebateMate.
  • Musical Composition.
  • Block programming using Crumble.
  • Negotiation skills with CitizenUK.
  • Music creation using Sonic Pi